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A Study in Pink

Some of my thoughts on the first episode and a very last minute picspam.


I absolutely love Sherlock's intro into the series.  We can see the genius he is, but at the same time we can see that to some things he is completely oblivious too. 

Sherlock Homles' lesson #1: When a lady asks you if you would like to have coffee DO NOT respond with "balck, two sugars, I'll be upstairs," especially since she obviously refreshed her lipstick. 

I love Watson's face, he was like "What just happened and who the hell was that?"  Oh, elementary, my dear Watson, it's all just elementary.

Yay! 221B Baker street here we come! It's gonna be legendary.

I love the fact that Holmes cleans up the same way I do.  What can I say, great minds think alike.  Why put things away when you are obviously going to look for them later.

Ok, so here is my thought.  That lieutenant/detective whatever she is totally had something for Sherlock and he being him totally rejected her in a more than evil manner and now she has some serious issues with him.  That or he left her at the alter or something.  Either way she needs to be killed ASAP because she annoys the hell outta me.  

The state of her knees = I'm thinking *cough*blow-job*cough*

Hehe, Sherlock asked him to come over just so he can send a text.  I love you Holmes!

How sweet! Everyone things they are a couple.  When Holmes said that girlfriends aren't "his area of expertise" I didn't assume what apparently everyone else assumed.  I just thought that he doesn't care for girlfriends or can't really get one because of the way he is, not that he's gay.  I mean, let's face it who wants a boyfriend that can deduct what you ate for breakfast or what is your relationship with your family.

Oh, he even killed for Holmes.

This might have or might have not made me cringe.

Leave him alone, he's in shock and look he's got a blanket to prove it.

Oh, look at those two just wandering off together after a hard day's work! Good job you two we are so proud of you!

So, all in all I got a new obsession and I actually never thought Sherlock Holmes is going to be one.  I mean I know the story but I was never a huge fan of it.  Plus can I just say that Benedict Cumberbatch is great and cute, and he has the greatest name ever!! Og Moffat you have done it again!

It is just me or does Holmes remind me of The Doctor?



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